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NDT for Aerospace

Technical Development

 For several years, we have supported major players with the development and technical validation of inspection procedures. We rely on a complete team of NAS 410 levels 3 in the different methods and our field experience allows us to deliver efficient and practical solutions.
Development of customized inspection techniques and procedures

Development of customized inspection techniques and procedures

Do you have a specific inspection problem that requires a customized inspection technique?

We can support you in identifying the best inspection method, optimizing the required instrumentation, performing demonstration tests, and producing a proper procedure.

We have a certain capacity for CNC machining and in-house 3D printing for the development of ad hoc accessories (ultrasonic shoes, guides, reference coupons).

Research and development projects

If you are looking for a solid technical team to support you in a Research & Development project, do not hesitate to let us know!

We are already collaborating on research projects with Laval University, ETS, CNRC, INO, oN DuTy! program, Shell, among others.

Our specialties are thermography, artificial intelligence, acoustic emissions, 3D modeling, advanced ultrasound and eddy currents.

Research and development projects