NDE Solutions

Custom Technical Development

Custom Inspection Solutions :

We are continuously looking to solve new materials inspection challenges.  If the application is of general interest for the industry, we will develop the solutions for a pricing equivalent to our existing solutions.

If the application is specific or exclusive, we will evaluate the project and propose our services on a consultation basis.

Deliverables for this type of development might include :

  • Performance demonstration report
  • Detailed Inspection procedure
  • Equipment (probes, wedges, scanners, blocks, …)
  • Specific technician training
  • Integration or qualification technical support

Feasibility Studies :

We offer our services to produce feasibility or performance reports from samples containing real or simulated defects.

If the application is of general interest for the industry and the client ship the sample to us, we will produce a preliminary feasibility report in exchange of the sample itself.

In the case of very specific of confidential evaluations, our services will be provided on a consultation basis.


Inspection Techniques :

  • Advanced Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT, TOFD)
  • Eddy Current Testing
  • 3D Lased Scanning
  • Tubes Inspection (IRIS, RFT, NFT, ECT)
  • Magnetic Particles
  • Liquid Penetrant

Certifications du personnel :

  • ASNT NDT Level 3 (UT)
  • CGSB 48.9712/ISO 9712 (UT, ECT, MT, PT)
  • ASNT, SNT-TC-1a-2011 (PAUT)
  • Canadian Welding Bureau, CSA W178.2

Corporate Memberships :

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