Inspection Services

Pulp and Paper Industry

Services :

  • Advanced and conventional non-destructive testing for detection and caracterization of damage mechanism
  • Weld inspection, visually and through non-destructive testing
  • Visual inspection of equipments in turnovers

Few Applications :

  • Bolts and shafts inspection
  • Gear teeth inspection using PAUT
  • Crack detection and characterization
  • Remaining thickness measurements
    (Auto-V option for changing or unknown material velocity)
  • Boiler tubes inspection (IRIS, RFT)
  • Advanced thickness mapping (opposite surface)
  • 3D modeling of visible surface corrosion
  • 3D modeling of worn or deformed pieces
  • Visual inspection in restricted access using a videoscope

Inspection Techniques :

Personnel Certifications :

  • CGSB 48.9712/ISO 9712 (UT, MT, PT, ECT)
  • ASNT, SNT-TC-1a-2011 (PAUT)
  • CWB, CSA W178.2
  • ASNT NDT Level 3 (UT)
  • NACE