Inspection Services

Lifting Equipment Inspection

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We offer inspection and certification services for a variety of lifting equipment.

When we perform a complete equipment inspection, our services generally include the following items, if applicable:

  • Functional tests
  • Verification of security elements
  • Visual inspection of accessible mechanical, hydraulic and electrical components
  • Visual inspection of structural welds and components
  • Magnetic particle, or liquid penetrant testing, as needed
  • Inspection of all accessible pins and shafts with ultrasonic testing
  • Certificate signed (and stamped if applicable) by an engineer
  • Conformity sticker

Standards and Types of Equipment :

CSA, Z150-11
— Boom trucks
— Pickers
— Telescopic cranes
— Conventional cranes
— Worker lift basket

CSA, Z150.3-11
— Camions-grues à flèche articulée

CSA, B354.1-04
— Plates-formes élévatrices portatives («personal lifts»)

CSA, B354.2-01
— Plates-formes de travail élévatrices automotrices («scissor lifts»)

CSA, B354.4-02
— Plates-formes de travail élévatrices automotrices à bras articulé («nacelles»)

CSA, B335-04
— Chariots-élévateurs tout terrain

LSST, c. S-2.1, r. 12.5, Articles 56 et 57
— Camions pompe à béton

ASME B30.20 – 2010
— Accessoires de levage


Techniques d’inspection :

Certifications du personnel :

  • Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec
  • Bureau canadien de soudage, CSA W178.2
  • ONGC 48.9712/ISO 9712 (UT, MT, PT, CF)