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3D Laser Scanning

This technology uses a laser to accurately gather the position of a large number of points at the surface of an object.  Since the scanner is hand held, it is not possible for the scanner itself to be the three dimensional reference position.  Reference positions are obtained from small sticker targets randomly positioned on the surface to be modeled.  The instrument recognizes the targets, records their position as surface is scanned and they become the 3D reference system.  The equipment catches then all real surface points at their real 3D position relative to the targets map.


 Few Applications :

  • Corrosion mapping at visible surface
  • Validation and calibration of “pig” data in pipelines
  • Profile and depth of grinded areas
  • Characterization of bulges and dents
  • Component compatibility before assembly
  • Dimensional conformity of parts
  • Reverse engineering of components

Advantages :

  • Very accurate measurement
  • Highly reproducible data for comparison
  • Easy to interpret representations of surface profiles
  • Data can be migrated to CAD files
  • Portable and battery operated

Disadvantages :

  • Requires enough clearance from the surface to be modeled (about 18”)
  • Expensive instrumentation
  • Heavy data to process and store
  • Hardly applicable outside while it is raining or snowing
  • Targets need to be stuck and removes

Standards :

  • ASTM, B31G

Personnel Certifications :

Services offered from :

  • Quebec city, QC

Technical sheets have been prepared for main applications.  Do not hesitate to contact us for more detailed information.