TORNGATS is a Canadian company, based in Quebec, offering specialized services in the field of materials inspection.  We are a private and independent society, for which all owners are fully active within the company.

Regarding TECHNICAL SERVICES, we mainly offer welding inspection and non-destructive examination services (NDE).  We are clearly specialized in advanced techniques, which are in strong progression in mostly all industries.

Advanced NDE techniques require a higher level of expertise within our team, as well as significant development investment.  It led us to offer consulting services, internationally, to small and medium size inspection companies through our NDE SOLUTIONS division.  These companies must compete with players that get bigger and bigger in our industry.


How do our services differentiate?

PROACTIVITY : We put everything together to assist our clients in an as efficient way as possible, offering a maximum of support instead of the required minimum.

CREATIVITY : We are highly stimulated by challenges and we know how to be imaginative to reach of our objectives.  We certainly do not limit ourselves to what has already been done!

PROXIMITY : Whether you are across the street or the globe, we are carefully listening to our client needs and are building durable relationships based on confidence.

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Humility and integrity